R&D Claim

Are you missing out on thousands of pounds of Government cash awards for the development work you’ve already done? Find out how to claim your cash award using the R&D tax credit scheme.

The R&D tax credit scheme aims to incentivise UK businesses to carry out more research and development projects.

R&D tax credits can help your business: improve cash flow; recruit more staff; stay ahead of competition and sustainably fund R&D projects.

Qualifying R&D projects widely differ from improving existing products and services, to creating new goods and technologies. If your business is innovating in any way, you could be eligible.

Businesses from any industry can submit a claim. Sectors include manufacturing, farming, textiles, software and more.

With our outsourced professional team we can arrange to backdate your claim up to 2 years, this is supported by a technical report which will be submitted to HMRC on your behalf. With minimum effort from you, our outsourced team of experts can maximise your claim size and the cash award can arrive in your bank account in as little as 4 weeks.

Our outsourced team who we have partnered up with have 100% success rate and an average claim size of £ 50K. Our team of chartered accountants and technical specialists can determine your eligibility after a 15 minute phone call.

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